Health Pass

As of 21 July, in accordance with French Decree No. 2021-955 of 19 July 2021, a health pass must be presented in order to access the Marinarium de Concarneau.

Exemption will be granted for 12-17 year olds until 30 August. This obligation does not apply to children under 12 years of age.

Visitors who purchased a ticket before 21 July and who do not meet the health requirements can request an exchange or a refund of their ticket.

To ensure the safety of all visitors and staff, wearing a mask remains obligatory in indoor spaces and queues. It is recommended in outdoor spaces.

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Station marine de Concarneau © MNHN

Marine Invertebrate Cell Culture Symposium 2012

The symposium takes place within the framework of the Sino-European programme IRSES "MarBiotec" and will follow the annual "Rendez-vous de Concarneau" dedicated to Marine Biotechnologies.

August 30 and 31 2012


Marine Invertebrate Cell Culture Symposium 2012

In the context of the expanding field of marine biotechnology, this symposium aims at promoting scientific exchanges and transfer of knowledge on marine invertebrate cell cultures. Main topics are improvement, development and access to the in vitro technology through communication of latest advances, successful applications, new challenges and perspectives in marine invertebrate cell culture.

MICC 2012 - Photo groupe


  • Establishment and use of primary cell cultures for in vitro assays
  • Identification of barriers to cell propagation
  • Stem cell lineages
  • Cryopreservation of cells of marine origin
  • Genetic identification and phenotypic characterization cell immortalization