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Station marine de Concarneau © MNHN

RVCC 2010

EuropaBio Blue Biotechnology Working Group meeting: Rendez-Vous de Concarneau
30-31st of August 2010

Marine biomolecules/Marine pharmacology

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EuropaBio Blue Biotechnology Working Group (EBBWG) was created in 2010 through an initiative of the French Museum for Natural History, as a means to strengthen links and bridge the gap between Basic Research, Industry, SMEs and policymakers in a knowledge-based economy, to improve the competitiveness of European Bioindustry and to promote the growth of marine bioindustries in Europe.

35 blue biotech stakeholders from the industry, research, and policy sectors gathered for a first event organised at the Marine Biology Station of Concarneau (France), with a focus on marine biomolecules and marine pharmacology. Discussions revolved around challenges and opportunities of the marine biotech sector and what the working group could do to make policy frameworks more beneficial to the industry, including SMEs.

RVCC 2010 - Photo de groupe

This 2010 workshop was coordinated by Daniel Pardo (CNRS-MNHN – France), Torger Borresen (DTU-Aqua Copenhaguen) and Yves Le Gal (MNHN, France).


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