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Concarneau Marine Station © MNHN - Agnès Iatzoura


Companies, foundations, individuals: Take part in the renovation of the oldest marine station still in operation!

The Concarneau Marine Station, built in 1859, is the oldest marine station still active in the world and is among the 12 sites of the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle.

It now houses a research centre (technical platforms), living and naturalised collections, teaching rooms and a public knowledge dissemination area: the Marinarium. Created in 1972 and renovated in 2002, the Marinarium, a place for the transmission of knowledge to all audiences, is a showcase not only of the biodiversity of the local fauna and flora, but also of the ongoing research at the Concarneau Marine Station.

The development of new scientific themes at the station, coupled with the latest scientific, technological and museographic advances and visitors’ expectations, requires reorganisation of the tour and redeployment of the Marinarium's visitor area. The Museum and the Sea project is part of this new scientific mediation dynamic to reveal to all audiences local diversity still unknown while encouraging the visitor to become a proactive player in the protection of biodiversity, thanks to interactive museum features such as quizzes, games, augmented and virtual reality, etc. Specimens of living or stuffed collections rub shoulders with the latest generation of digital tools in a tour combining wonder, scientific knowledge and interactivity.

With a view to disseminate knowledge to as many people as possible, it will be adapted to different audiences (adult public, young public, foreign public and public with visual impairment). The narrative line of this new circuit focuses on local fauna and flora biodiversity. Throughout the tour, the visitor will become immersed in the marine environment, from the foreshore to the deepest depths, and discover plankton and explore the different organisms that make up the rest of the food web.

In order to carry out this ambitious renovation project, the Museum is seeking sponsors.

To learn more about sponsorship at the Museum, we invite you to continue your visit on the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle website: