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Sea cucumber aquaculture: new challenges


Monday October 3 & Tuesday October 4

Workshop on sea cucumbers at the Concarneau marine station

Sea cucumber aquaculture: new challenges

The workshop on sea cucumbers is part of the SKUD program, "The emergence of Skin Ulceration Diseases in Edible Sea Cucumbers in a Global Change Framework". Objectives of this program are to make a survey of parasites and diseases of edible sea cucumbers, to determine the cause(s) of SKUDs on these species and to assess on these species the effects of increased temperature and decreased pH on SKUD prevalence and development.

This event will be an opportunity to get together with all scientists around these sea cucumbers topics and the holothurian aquaculture through the organization of conferences.



Fisheries and Aquaculture

Diseases and Parasites

Physiology and Ecotoxicology



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Practical informations

The official conference language is English.

Registration must be made by e-mail at specifying the subject of the e-mail "Workshop on sea cucumber Concarneau".

Registration is free but mandatory for attendees (places are limited).

Your final registration will be personally confirmed to you by e-mail after reception of your pre-registration.

The workshop will also be accessible by videoconference.

Scientific and steering committee

Guillaume CAULIER (Teaching and Research Associate, Marine Organisms and Biomimetics, University of Mons)

Igor EECKHAUT (Professor, Head of Department Marine Organisms and Biomimetics, University of Mons)

Nadia AMEZIANE (Professor, Head of the Concarneau Marine Station, MNHN)

Philippe DUBOIS (Professor, Head of the Marine Biology Laboratory, Free University of Brussels)

Solène AVIGNON (Sympozium organization manager, Concarneau Marine Station, MNHN)

Financial partner